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Comment here and I will tell you what I like about how you play your character(s). Tell me which ones you want me to ramble about, please.

Yes, Abby lives and all I am posting is a meme for now.

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I love that Jack tends to have that stick most firmly shoved up his ass. He sounds very much in character and sometimes you can almost hear the want to go weepy in his comments. He's a blast to poke at with Abby because she can be so darned insulting and abrasive where Jack always tries to be the nice guy about things.

I also find his crack shenanigans hilarious.

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Some day we have to play out where Jack finally snaps at her. Is it wrong that I think that would be kinda amusing? I'm a horrible mun.

Hee hee! Abby should meet his Grandpa!

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Oooooh to both

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Emma and Buffy. Or either. *L*

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I am lazy and not logging out of the wrong account but:

I love your Buffy. She is Buffy. Every word that comes out of her mouth just sounds right. I don't know what else to say about her, really, since I don't interact so much as just read her prompts. (I R Bad)

You've got her voice, her mannerisms and her canon down and it's always nice to see that come through in RP etc.

Emma: I don't know her canon well but I will say that you keep her personality consistent and Abby still thinks she's a bitch. :D

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I am lazy too... *LOL*

Aww, Buffy thanks you immensely! (Hey, I've been bad interacting myself lately, no big deal). :)

And Emma... well, she would be nice to Abby, really! Er... she's not all that bad! *LOL* But yeah, she can be totally bitchy. Thanks!

And your Abby is a thing of love.

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Ruairi, Monty and Sascha. *sparkles*

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You don't do anything with Monty except torment Peter. That's enough to like him right there.

Sascha is fun in that OMG someone nail her tot he floor for her own good sort of way and I can just imagine the shit she will get up to on tour etc. She's seemingly the wildcard in the band. many things. All of them woobie and edible.

I like that he can give off a sense of long-lived patience and charm as well as still be baffled by modern brands of idiocy even if he's been here to watch them evolve.

I enjoy that you keep the majority of his prompts in the same tone and language as the source material.

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She lives!

Methos/Adam please!