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Name:Dr. Abby Lockhart
Birthdate:Jan 10
When I was up in OB, I would deliver a baby, then I would deliver a baby, and today, I was puked on, spit at, bit, and then I tricked a psychotic woman, and I almost killed a guy. Abby Road

You know, when I saw you seizing on that table, I thought, 'This is it. This is it. This is how it's all gonna end. I am going to watch my mother die.' And I still might not be wrong about that. It could still end that way. And there's not one thing I can do about it. But I'll show up. Because you will always have that power over me. I will show up and I will try to stop it. I love you, Mom. Fear of Commitment

We've all cried. Sometimes it's the only thing you can do. If I Should Fall From Grace

Abby: I can't follow through on anything. When something gets in my way, it's like a chemical reaction, I just shut down and I give up. I'm just looking for an excuse to stop because in the end, it's easier to do than risk being hurt or disappointed again. Abby Normal

Abby: Some people aren't meant to be mothers.
Maggie: Abby. I was a lot younger than you are now when I had my first manic episode. I've watched you since you were a little girl, you're not bipolar.
Abby: *softly* No, but my kids could be.
Maggie: But they might not be. They could be anything and you would just love them, that's all. *pause* You never even told Richard, did you?
Abby: *fighting tears* No, I--I think that was the beginning of the end for us because we just stopped talking about everything. I just was too scared. I--I couldn't risk it. *wipes her face* I just, I didn't want to--
Maggie: Turn into me?
Abby: *nodding* Yeah.
Maggie: Or have to end up taking care of another me? *Abby nods--she's crying and can't speak**takes Abby in her arms* Oh honey... Oh, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, that's all there is, is risk. You just have to take a chance and leap into life. Otherwise, sweetheart, you're going to miss out on all the great things. Abby, you deserve all the great things. D'you hear me? Where the Heart Is

Oh, wake up Joyce! This is it. This is your chance to get away, right now! It doesn't matter how wonderful he can be sometimes. If you go back to him now you're only telling him that it is okay to do this to you and it's not okay! It's not okay. A Simple Twist of Fate

Carter: I thought TV was a vast wasteland.
Abby: Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to watch 'La Boheme' on PBS last night but I had to go the symphony. Secrets and Lies

I'm technically proficient, despite certain attitude issues. Walk Like a Man

Abby: Do you know when she would leave us, she used to do it when we were sleeping? Did I ever tell you that? So it became part of our morning routine, we would get up, go pee, check and see if Mom had abandoned us. And the mornings that she was gone, I was left with my little brother, this skinny little kid, who never ever did anything wrong, and was good and beautiful and sweet, and I would have to tell him that everything was gonna be okay.
Carter: What would he say?
Abby: You're a liar. Next of Kin

Every once in a while you'll have a really perfect cigarette, you know? Everything about it is perfect, the taste, the moment. Of course, 99% of the time it tastes like crap. Next of Kin

I've processed all of my feelings of anger, shame, and guilt in an emotionally safe environment. I've addressed the urge to 'use' alcohol. Oh, and I've consulted both a shaman and a guru, so really, I'm all good. Only Connect

Woman: If you're a doctor, I want a second opinion.
Neela: Okay. Dr. Lockhart, would you care to give a second opinion?
Abby: Sure. Your ankle may be broken, and you're a bitch. Nobody's Baby

And that’s the most important thing isn’t it? He was wrong and you were right. And while you were arguing about it, the little girl died. Human Shield

God, she was ten years old, Luka. And he had her for months and I just can’t stop thinking about what she must have gone through and I can’t stop thinking about how afraid she must have been and I can’t stop thinking about why we couldn’t save her and I just...I... Human Shield

They say they usually look more like the father in the beginning. It's nature's way of making sure Daddy doesn't get all insecure and club us to death. Somebody to Love

Well, I do know that if you're dressing your kids up like they're some sort of designer accessory you're already headed for problems. But don't worry, I work in the ER - so I'll be there to take care of them when they come in pregnant at fourteen with a drug overdose. Parenthood

You know, nine years ago, I had...My marriage was over, my mother was in a mental institution for the seventh, or tenth time, I don’t know. And I drank, a lot...a lot. And I had reached this - you know what, I...One morning I woke up in this apartment and I had no idea how I got there, next to some guy I didn’t even remember meeting, and he was going through my stuff, looking for money so he and his buddy could get a fix. So I ran out of there and I went downstairs and I tried to get a cab but I had no idea where I was and it was five o’clock in the morning and there were no cars on the street so I just...I just sat down on a stoop and I just...I waited for something to happen. And at that moment, I’m telling you, I knew, I mean, I was positive that happiness was something I was never going to find. I’m just trying to tell you that things can change, they can get better...even if you don’t see it, they can. Murmurs of the Heart

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