08 February 2009 @ 02:21 pm
Abby wrote out the check for the rent she owed Cait and then adjusted the balance on the handwritten register she kept in her checkbook. Looking at the pitiful figure, she laughed. It was laugh or cry, really, and why bother to cry now? She’d been playing the game of financial roulette for most of her life. Savings were something other people had debt was what Dr. Lockhart kept (and incurred, grew, expanded and compounded).

She hated the first of the month, every month. It wasn’t that she disliked paying rent or that she didn’t like her ‘landlord’, truth be told she thought of Caitlin as more than a roommate and more than her boyfriend’s daughter. She was a friend. A friend who was head and shoulders above herself where money was concerned—this too, wasn’t unusual for Abby. After all, she counted John Truman Carter, III as a friend and one didn’t get much more disgusting affluent than that, unless you wanted to consider Robbie Fellowes (and Abby really didn’t think of the quasi-celebrity and music mogul in those terms regardless of what he lined his pockets with) and his ilk. She just really hated the reminder that not only was she so far behind, but she was still years away from even being able to try and catch up.

She still had a year and a half left of her residency program to go, a year and a half of being ridiculously underpaid for the hours she worked. Then there would be another year as an attending (please, please, let her find an attending position at her current hospital or at least somewhere in Manhattan) with better pay but not great, not until she passed her boards and became a certified emergency physician. Abby shook her head. Even once (if) that happened and her pay began to reflect something akin to justice for her efforts there were still loans to repay, debt to dig herself out from under and no matter what Carter said, she would give back every single cent he handed her for that final semester of med school.

Maybe some day she’d be able to write a rent check and not bat an eyelash at the figure. Maybe some day she’d write that check and it wouldn’t be for a bedroom in someone else’s condo. Maybe.

ooc: Yes, Abby is a doctor but she is still a resident as I play her AU from the series (she’s a few years behind the current Abby) and residents do not command the sort of salary a lot of people associate with the M.D. at the end of one’s name. She also lives in Manhattan and as such cannot afford her own apartment. She has a roommate, lives very much on a budget unless friends are treating and thanks to the constant mini-crisis of being Maggie’s daughter, Abby is always maxing out one credit card or another.

For laughs, I once took the average annual salary for a second year resident in an NYC program and based on the hours worked requirement residents face, figured out what Abby roughly makes on an hourly basis. It wasn’t a livable wage by Manhattan standards. The figure was somewhere in the ballpark of ten dollars an hour.