19 January 2009 @ 01:18 am

I'm Abby and I'm an alcoholic.

How many of you introduce yourselves to various groups and communities this way, in the sarcastic and wry tone? Joking. We all do it. It's a tried and tired cliché, right? Wrong. Sometimes, some of us are serious. And the best part is, you never really know which ones. There are an estimated 2,000,000 members in 180 countries, from all sorts of backgrounds and every walk of life. Young, old, rich, poor, educated and ignorant. Professional and blue collar. Male and female. Sober and relapsed.

One day at a time.

That's the mantra. Stay away from one drink, one day at a time. Complete abstinence.


It's different for everyone. Sure, follow the twelve steps. Hand it over to some 'higher power'. Go to group meetings and talk about how drinking, not drinking, drinking again...how it all affects you. Your life. Your family. It's all very you specific.

Whatever gets you through the day.

Sheer force of will? Stubbornness? The knowledge that there are others like you, struggling to maintain sobriety? Wanting to change? Wanting to live a life where alcohol doesn't control every aspect of what you do?

That last one makes me laugh. Sober or drunk, it controls everything. You want a drink. You think about it. Places to get one. The way it would taste. The way it would make you feel. How to hide the fact that you drank it. When you can have the next one. Yeah. It's still there. Always there. Waiting.

Which is why we take it one drink, one day at a time.

Every day is a victory.

That's what these coins symbolize. Taking back control of your life from the alcohol.

Maybe it's a week. Maybe it's six months. Could be five years. Twenty. It doesn't matter how long, it matters that you did it. One drink, one day at a time.

I have a lot of these coins. Different colors. I collect them.

I'm not sure if they help.

But I haven't had a drink in a while.
Current Mood: discontent
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