03 January 2009 @ 02:25 pm

1) List your main pups. Or all of your pups. And potential pups. Whatever, have fun.

2) Take a look at the Kinsey scale.

3) List and explain an area on the scale for that given character, giving specific examples if you'd like, or multiple numbers based on your rationalizations.

4) Know your pup just a little better. (Yeah um, more like YOU know my muses a little better, I know them quite well, thanks.)

Abby Lockhart (canon)

0. Abby is straight. She likes men. Like a lot of men. A lot. Usually men who are not exactly good for her (daddy/abandonment issues what?) Canon has had Abby wander through serious monogamous relationships, one night stands, casual relationships, marriage, adultery and the uglier side of her alcoholic acting out is that she will pretty much nail anything interested. As long as it's male. I might give Abby a .5 if you want to count that she will acknowledge when another woman is pretty and/or the time she slapped Sam on the ass--she was drunk at the time.
Laine Anderson (totally OC)

0. Straight and straight-laced. Laine likes sex, enjoys it a great deal in the confines of the two men she has been with (both men she has been married to, in fact). She's not as narrow minded as she may come across, her older brother was gay and she has no issues with other people's orientation but for herself and her personal desires/views she is very traditional. Growing up in rural farm country where church was a major (and still is) part of her life has heavily influenced her, as has her parents relationship. Fidelity, monogamy, heterosexuality and very middle-America conservative values is where the horsewoman stands.

Pippa Kerr (totally OC)
0. Pippa identifies as heterosexual but she's also a very open-minded person sexually. She has no interest in women personally, but she is curious as to what it is like (and has asked Caitlin MacEibhir about the experience of sex with a woman) to be in a same sex relationship. Her last serious relationship was with an openly bisexual man, one that could be described as somewhat effeminette at times. Still...male and that is what Pippa wants. Within the confines of a male/female relationship Pippa is very open and eager to experiment and try new things in the persuit of pleasure. She is also very private about this practice. Most that know her would be very surprised at some of the things she is interested and well versed in.
Peter Webster (canon)
4.5 maybe 5. Peter identifies himself as gay but he has been known to end up with a woman on occasion be it from trying to stay closeted to some members of his family and community or because he has found himself taken with a particular person. He intentionally seeks out relationships with men but he isn't totally immune to the rare crush on a woman. It typically has more to do with personality than gender in such cases. He may sometimes blur the lines of is he or isn't he, but at the end of the day who he sees himself with in the long run is always male.
Chantal Weller (totally OC)
.5-1.  Chantal is predominately straight, has only had a few intimate relationships and all of them have been with men, but she won't deny that she finds certain types of women beautiful and at times sexually attractive. Whether or not she would ever act on that attraction is another matter altogether.
Zee Westwind (totally insane OC)
-985. Okay, obviously not accurate. Zee somewhat defies the scale as she is hard to define in general. She's a sylph, a very old one at that. She loves pretty things, objects/people/beings. She enjoys being physically attractive to all types. She'd probably let anyone of any persusian grab and findle her boobs (when she remembers them--both) and she loves kisses from certain people. Don't mention sex to her however. That is repulsive on account of the sweating and the fluids and the general ick of it all in her opinion. She does think the face people make are funny though. Zee has never willingly had sex in a manner that a human being would. The one time someone tried it...well, Zee pretty much turned him inside out since he liked being wet and soggy and making squishy noises so much. Fey sex, at least as we play it as a pure energy exchange/mingling, Zee if fine with--so long as she likes the fey in question. Her liking someone is entirely fickle and prone to change at a moment's notice, it's wiser to not engage Zee in a sexual manner. Really.
Jack Anderson (totally OC/NPC mostly)
0. Much like Laine, really. Only add the macho cowboy attitude. He likes women. He has a thing for hard headed women with dark curly hair. Very much a guy with a type. As for experience we can give Jack a .075 for a very brief stab of curiosity which he sated one afternoon with his best friend, Wes Jansen (Laine's brother). The experience affirmed for him the fact that men are not what he wants. However, he's not so insecure that he won't hug someone and he isn't above joking about gender lines.
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