15 December 2008 @ 12:48 pm
TM: I Don't Understand  
“I don’t understand it, where are they all coming from?” He was cute, this baby faced intern who was whining at her over a stack of unfinished charts. Cute but not cute enough for her to actually remember his name.

Abby shrugged. “It’s cold, it’s snowing, and it’s almost Christmas. Every homeless person in the city is looking for a meal and someplace warm and or dry to hang out for a few hours. It’s not really rocket science. Then you have the kids out from school and mommy doesn’t know what to do with a sniffle or a cough and the pediatricians all tend to be appointment only so we get those too. Add in every little fender bender, slip on the ice or jostled too hard on the subway litigious idiot looking to get rich quick…and we have a full board, overflowing waiting area and—” she stopped speaking when Cute Intern started rolling his eyes and shuffling through the case rack again, if he wasn’t going to listen she’d save her breath.

“Okay, okay. I get it. ER sucks and I want to change my specialty.” He tried to hand the brunette senior resident a patient complaint about an abscess on her least favorite part of the anatomy to check out and frowned as soon as she handed it back to him.

“Too late, it’s a powerful vortex that sucks you in and there is no escape. I know. I tried. Twice.” If she was going to cherry pick cases, she was going to get the good ones, let intern boy who was becoming less and less cute deal with the GOMERs.

“You give the best pep talks, Dr. Lockhart.” His sunny smile just oozed sarcasm. Abby definitely didn’t like him any more.

“Yeah well…” Oooh, that chart looked interesting, Abby tucked it under her arm and turned to leave the front desk when she caught the eye of a salt and pepper haired man, looking anxious and worrying his hands together.

“Miss? Miss can you help me?” And talking directly to her. Great.

“Waiting room is through there.” Get out of my ER, indeed.

“No, I’m not a patient. I’m here to see a patient. A friend. A buddy of mine. He came in yesterday and was supposed to be having surgery today.” He spoke in short sentences, broken up by fits of wheezing and coughing. Asthmatic, maybe?

“This is the ER. You want Surgical Admit. Try the third floor.” Abby reached for her chart and used it to point the way to the elevators. “And you should stop here on your way out, let someone check out that cough of yours.”

“Thank you, Miss…?”

“It’s Dr. Lockhart.”

“Right. Thanks.”

The man was already heading towards the elevator and Abby wasn’t certain he even heard her and wasn’t just answering on autopilot. Oh well, she did her best, right? She had actual patients waiting—or at least people wanting to be seen by a physician. There were probably quite a few that didn’t actually need to be in the ER and yet guys like Mr. Friend Visitor…

Abby Lockhart//ER//521

ooc: Taking canon events and melding them into AU here.