06 July 2008 @ 11:14 pm
1.) Make a list of bribes.

~ If you're good, you get a sticker when we're finished.
~ Look, just for you, if you stop crying you get to wear the cool Big Boy gown!
~ You let the nurse give you a bath and I'll put in an order for a lunch tray.
~ I'll write you a script for two Ambien if you take my next over-night.
~ You take the anal abscess in Two and I'll take the next three peds cases.

2.) Make a list of punishments.

~ Being volunteered to clean out the fridge in the staff lounge
~ Getting to be the one to tell the supervising attending they are making interns cry in an unproductive manner
~ Having to babysit the kid in chairs
~ Getting stuck with the med student that questions EVERYTHING
~ Doing your shift in nurses scrubs. From OB.

3.) Things I need to remember the next time I'm at the stables: [locked from everyone]

~ 'Near side' means left side of the horse.
~ Thread the tie strap through the cinch ring and dee-ring twice. Like tying a necktie.(oops)
~ Ball of my foot, not the arch.
~ Peppermints to
reward the horse.
~ Find out if that really was Pippa I saw out at the jumpy-fence thingies...crossties?
Current Mood: calm
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