06 July 2008 @ 02:29 pm
1. A list of things you anticipate.

-the attendings at NYP realizing I am more than competent and I so not need to clear every little thing through them if they want a manageable patient flow through the ER. Jesus. I can take a decent history, assholes.

-having the apartment ALL (as in completely) to myself when some people take a trip some place to meet someone. Soon.

-getting my ID badge corrected. I don't know who "Lockheart" is. Idiots.

-After working for six days straight...I am OFF starting about 30 minutes ago for the next 36 hours. Thank god. I'm planning to sleep for most of it.

2. A list of things you dread.

-that the 'ate a lightbulb and three screws, two nuts and a mini-flashlight' guy will end up crumping and I'll get called back to handle it.

-GOMERs. Hate them.

-running out of my new favorite snack.

-that I might actually get lonely while some people are on their trip some place to meet that someone.

3. A list of anything you want.

-Remind Ruairi to take his phone.

-Remind Cait to remind Ruairi to take his phone.

-Remember to call Cait to have her tell Ruairi to turn on his phone.

-Call Ruairi and tell him I miss him at least once a day.


-Punch that intern that keeps asking me out to dinner.
Current Mood: tired
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