24 February 2008 @ 09:25 pm
The Character Physically

1. What is the character's stature and build? Is he overweight? Thin? What is his height and weight?

Abby is just about 5’3” and she’s slender but not rail thin. She’s got cellulite on her thighs just like most women.

2. How old is he?

Abby is 36 in the AU timeline I’m mostly playing her in. Current canon she just turned 40. I pulled her out of canon where I did for many reasons, mostly to do with where she is in her life’s ambitions during season 11.

3. Describe his posture. Is it good? Does he carry himself well? Is he crooked? Straight?

Abby slouches a lot. She slumps her shoulders and tucks into herself. She has horrible posture most of the time. She will however, stand straight and square her shoulders when she needs to feel authoritative.

4. Is he in good shape or out of condition? Is he muscularly weak or strong?

She’s not a weakling for someone as small as she is. She’s no match for anyone that has her at a height/weight advantage but she does do a fair amount of lifting patients and such. Providing proper sheet traction and or relocating dislocated hips takes some strength after all. She doesn’t work out much, if at all, though she does walk a lot. She also smokes so no, she’s probably not in the best shape possible.

5. How is his health? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?

She’s a smoker. A recovering alcoholic. She works a stressful job with incredibly demanding hours. As mentioned above, she’s not a mess physically but I’m sure she could stand to improve. And at least stop smoking.

6. Is he physically active or sedentary? A fast or slow mover?

Her career leaves her no choice but to be active while working. She doesn’t have a gym membership or anything but she’s not a couch potato (tomato? Hee!) often. She moves with efficiency when it’s called for and at a more relaxed, casual pace when she’s not working.

7. Is he clumsy, awkward, graceful?

Grace under fire. She’s has fine-tuned motor skills that allow her to perform delicate tasks in hectic environments. Still, she has her moments of fumbling like most people.

8. Does he move in straight or curved lines? Is he physically tight or fluid?

Depends on the situation. At work, she’d direct, compact and at times rigid (unless creative bending of rules is needed to get what she wants). In her personal life she can walk in circles to avoid having to to actually confront her feelings.

9. What are his chief efforts?

Being a good doctor. Keeping Maggie (and Eric, her brother) on their meds. She will always drop everything and everyone to be there for them.

10. Is the character good-looking, pretty, beautiful, average, plain, ugly, disfigured?

Abby’s attractive but not gorgeous. She’s short, petite, but not overly vain. She doesn’t wear a lot of make up or go to any great lengths to look put together or styled. Her hair is often sloppy and hastily pulled up, her clothes are nothing flashy or revealing.

11. Is the character aware of himself physically? His looks?

Abby knows how to play up her features and assets when she wants to. She doesn’t often want to.

12. Describe his complexion and skin. Dark, light, clear, marked?

She’s a brunette (sometimes blonde when she’s bored) and usually very fair skinned. Her complexion is clear but she has definite laugh lines and the beginnings of crow’s feet around her eyes. She looks good for her age, but she does look her age.

13. Describe his hair, coloring, styling. Is it taken care of?

Abby’s hair is usually a good indicator of what’s going on in the rest of her life. Sometimes it’s highlighted with blonde, other times it’s a rich chestnut brown. She’s been known to curl it or wear it completely straight and hanging. The latter, typically means she’s in a funk for one reason or another and can’t be bothered with her appearance.

14. How is his usual dexterity? Does he have good hands: Can he do things? Is he a worker?

As a physician, she has skilled hands. Steady. There’s a certain strength in them despite their small size.

15. Is he physically tense or relaxed, nervous, controlled?

Abby likes to appear controlled but there are times when she comes off and extremely tense.

16. What are his chief tension centers?

Shoulders and back most likely, based on the way she tends to stand.

17. What part of his body would you notice first?

Face. She has big dark eyes and a mouth that is usually twisted into some sort of pout (duck lips)

18. Describe his basic gravity factor. Is there a downward pull or buoyancy?

Abby describes the ER as a vortex that just sucks you in. She can be the same way at times.

The Character's Clothes

1. How much clothes does this character have?

Not as many as you might think. She has a few good basics she can mix and match with things.

2. What items are in their wardrobe?

Scrubs are hospital provided, but there is her lab coat. Jeans, black slacks, a tailored suit (also in black) tank top and pajama pants. Sneakers, boots. Sturdy shoes she can stand in for long hours. Abby does have quite an impressive collection of scarves and hats however.

3. What are their favorite articles of clothing?

Pajama pants and tank tops. She doesn’t really do the sexy sleepwear thing.

4. What colors are the clothes? Is there a wide range? Bright or dull? What are their favorite colors to wear?

Abby wears a lot of black and neutrals.

5. Are their clothes bright or dull?


6. Were they bought or home-made, hand-me-downs, expensive?

Bought, maybe a few pieces made by Maggie.

7. What is one of his favorite items to wear?

Not scrubs

8. Do his clothes fit well?


9. Is he comfortable in what he wears? Does he "fight" his clothes?

Yes, so long as it isn’t a dress.

10. Is he confident about the way he dresses, or uneasy?


11. Does he care for his clothes? Keep them up and neat? Is he worried about how they look?

Mostly, though it’s hard to keep them too well when you often get blood and…things on them at work.

12. Does he have to dress a certain way because of his job or position? If so, do his usual clothes fit his real, basic character?

She does wear scrubs at work at times but she seems to prefer her own clothes with a lab coat over top.

13. Does he dress according to a self image of himself? Is that self image conscious or unconscious? At what age was this self image made?

Abby doesn’t seem to be the type to give much thought to what she wears most of the time. If it’s cold, layers. If it’s not…well whatever.

14. What kind of underwear does he wear?

Thanks to a few episodes of ER, we know she likes her thongs. Her bras and panties don’t always match however.

The Character's Voice

1. Does he speak in a high or low pitch voice? When might he be higher than usual? When lower?

Somewhat low, and at times the rough voice of a smoker.

2. Is he a loud or soft talker?

She can modulate her voice appropriate for the situation.

3. Is there a wide range in the voice in volume, pitch and/or quality, or is the voice pretty consistent and even?

Fairly consistent.

4. Is there good resonance to the voice? Is the voice throaty, chesty, heady, nasal?

Depends on if she’s been on one of her smoking jags or not.

5. Is there tension in the voice? Anxiety? Emotion?


6. Is there an accent? Anything unusual in pronunciation? Emphasis? Phrasing?

One character mentioned that Abby has a hint of a Minnesotan accent, but if there is any accent in her voice it’s the actress’s native Bostonian, and only when she pronounces certain words.

7. Is it a trained voice, or just natural?


8. Does the character "try" to speak well or just "how it comes out"?

Abby speaks fairly well, she hands a lot of “med speak” so she doesn’t often trip over words.

9. Is the speech clear or muddy? Does he mumble? Is he distinct?

She mutters, but only if she doesn’t really want you to hear her. Otherwise her speech is clear.

10. Is the voice comforting or irritating? Reassuring or disturbing?

She has mastered the art of delivering bad news in a sympathetic voice. She can also offer reassurance when it’s called for. That’s usually reserved for patients and close friends. Otherwise, she seldom bothers to keep the snark and sarcasm hidden.

11. Is he self-conscious when he speaks to others? How large a group could he speak to before he became self-conscious?

She’s used to addressing relative strangers and fairly large groups because of her work-related duties. She doesn’t like to be put on the spot though.

The Character's Mind

1. Is the character smart, dumb, naive?

She’s reasonably intelligent. Doesn’t always test well but she’s far from ignorant.

2. Does he think quickly? Slowly? Is he quick-witted? Dull?

She thinks fast, has to to work in a trauma center. She’s always pretty snappy with the sarcasm

3. What kind of education has he had?

She attended Catholic school for part or most of her primary education, completed her undergrad studies at Penn State and her medical schooling at UIC.

4. What subjects does the character have knowledge or expertise in?

Medicine, she was an RN who worked in OB for years and then the ER. She is now working through her residency to specialize in emergency medicine. She also studied English lit at Penn State. Abby has a broad base of pop cultural references at her disposal as well.

5. Is the character impulsive or deliberate in reaching conclusions? Is he logical, rational, or emotional?

She can be methodical and logical when it comes to patient diagnosis, but she also relies on her gut instincts as well. Her personal life can be more impulsive and emotional, especially where Maggie, her mother, is concerned.

6. Does he think out things before he speaks or can she "think on his feet" as she is speaking?

She thinks on her feet very well. She can improvise under pressure.

7. Does he have contemplative times? What does she think about when alone?

She wouldn’t tell you that.

8. Is he an idealist? A pragmatist? A dreamer? An idea man? An action man?

She’s pragmatic, cynical, and yet she still has a hard time accepting certain outcomes. She’s stubborn.

9. Is his life motivated chiefly by abstract ideals or practical rewards?

The practical.

The Character's Emotions and Personality

1. Is he an introvert or an extrovert?

Introverted extrovert.

2. Does he get along well with people? Does he have charm? Are people attracted to him? Does he like people?

She can be charming, and she can get along with people…though there are many people she really doesn’t like or care for.

3. Does he have many friends? Any close friends?

Abby has acquaintances, mentors, colleagues. Kerry Weaver or Neela Rasgotra may be the two people she’d define as friends. For RP purposes, she has budding friendships with a few people but she’s very selective about what she will tell to whom.

4. Is he hot-blooded or cool-headed?


5. Does he have a narrow or wide range of emotions? Do they show often?

Abby likes to bottle things up and let them simmer until they are ready to explode. She has a wide range of emotions but she’d really rather she didn’t sometimes.

6. Does he indulge in emotional peaks, outbursts, or valleys? Often?

She stews until she can’t handle it any more then erupts.

7. Would you say he is basically sensitive or calloused?

She can appear to be very callous but she’s a lot softer than most people realize.

8. Is he suspicious, cautious, trusting, or naive about new people or situations?

She tends to trust people at least superficially and in situations where she can keep them at arm’s length. Patients, even those who turn out to have deceived her, usually get the benefit of the doubt from her. People that are closer or actually have the potential to hurt her, she’s less trusting of.

9. Is he an aggressive or reactive person? Is he a pusher or a puller?

Abby pushes people. It’s not always a conscious act on her part but she does it never the less. She has a need to test them, make them prove they want to be with her.

10. Does he take positive or negative action?

Positive for the most part.

11. In a danger or emergency situation would he go to it or run away from it?

Abby would dive right in to help, usually without thinking of the danger she might be in herself.

12. Is the character basically nervous or calm?


13. Does the character have a sense of humor? Does he appreciate jokes? Can he see humor in unfunny situations? Can he laugh at himself?

Yes. She doesn’t always keep it to herself either. She’ll crack morbid jokes at work, laugh when she shouldn’t. Mock people.

14. Can he tell a funny story or joke? Do others find him amusing?


15. Is he a practical joker? What is his opinion of tricks or jokes played on other people?

Not really though she’ll laugh if she witnesses one.

16. Is his humor ever cruel?

She can be a bit mean spirited, yes.

17. Under what conditions could he be harmful or mean or cruel to another person?

If she feels threatened, emotionally or physically, she’ll lash out.

18. Is he a loving person? Is he full of love and giving or rather bound and tight in this area? Is he capable of relation to others in a loving way? Is he capable or relating to one specific person in a romantic way?

She can be. She doesn’t often trust love or relationships so she can be frustrating to deal with in that situation.

19. Is he loved by any other people? In what way?

She probably wouldn’t acknowledge it, but yes. She’s managed to remain friends with some of her exes.

20. Is he romantically in love now? With whom? Is this a happy, rewarding or frustrating situation for him?

RP-wise, she’s definitely in lust with Ruairí MacEibhir, Abby tends to not be the type to admit that she loves someone, she doesn’t say the words often or directly. The relationship is too new for her to even consider admitting it’s a possibility.

Canon, she’s married and it’s obvious that there’s a love there between her and Luka, damaged and as broken as it may be.

The Character's Wealth, Power, and Influence

1. Does this person have much money? Does it provide position or respect from others for him?

No. She’s a resident, her salary is somewhat laughable for the work and the hours she keeps. That’s the way of the medical profession. Once she’s finished her residency and takes her boards in the specialty, she’ll be able to attain a position as an attending that offers better financial rewards.

2. Is he generous or selfish with his money and possessions?

She’ll share what she has, when she can. She’s never turned away her family or a friend who might need to crash on her couch.

3. Is the character socially prominent? Is she prominent from wealth, position or office, family history, ability or accomplishment?

Abby had her chance to rub elbows with the more affluent when she dated Dr. Carter. She didn’t much care for it. Now she’s somewhat friendly with Robin Fellowes but it has nothing to do with his status in his industry of choice.

4. Does the character rate high in the "pecking order" with his household? Town? Area? Nation? World?

Abby is her own person.

5. Does this person wield much clout? Over whom and by what means?

The average person might think she does based solely on her title of doctor. Abby doesn’t really think she has much authority at all.

6. Can he command others to do his bidding, by word or manipulation?

Sure, med students, some of her fellow residents. Patients.

7. How does he get his wishes daily?


8. To whom is he subservient? Is this submission willing or unavoidable?

She has to follow the hospital chain of command, though she does tend to find ways to skirt it if she feels she’s in the right. She has superiors and she reports to them and is accountable for her actions.

The Character's Activities

1. How does the character spend his time?

Working. Sleeping. More working. She does make an effort to have a social life though it’s far from wild and is subject to her hectic and demanding work schedule.

2. What does his daily routine consist of?

If she’s on days:

Up by seven. NPR on the radio.
At work for rounds by eight.
12 hours of treating patients, seeing traumas, being irritated
Consumes a lot of coffee.
Maybe grabs dinner to take home.
Stares at the tv a bit.
Starts all over again.

Actually, other than the hours involved, when she works nights, it’s the same thing.

3. What is his profession or work?

ER doctor in a busy county hospital.

4. What things does he really like to do?

Her work, actually. Listen to music (she seems to really enjoy her iPod), watch Fear Factor.

5. What things does he hate to do?

Paperwork. Confront people.

6. What are his leisure time activities? Pastimes? Recreation?

Sleep. Reading. TV. Smoking. Foosball.

7. Does he play games? What kind?

Foosball, softball.

8. Does he like to eat or drink? How important to him are food and drink?

Coffee, Caesar salads, root beer. Fairly, she does enjoy not being dead after all. She’s a recovering alcoholic as well so there’s that constant struggle to maintain sobriety. Puts ‘drink’ in an interesting category for her.

9. How important is sex to him? What sexual activities does he partake in? Anything unusual?

Abby, for the most part, seems to be a serial monogamist. She enjoys sex but she doesn’t HAVE to have it constantly. She’s gone long stretches of time without any action.

10. Is his exactitude about sex healthy or disturbing to him? Is sex a rewarding, enriching part of this person's life or is it frightening, anxious, or frustrating? Is sex a positive or negative factor in his life?

It’s a positive, healthy thing and she enjoys it.

The Character's Favorite Things

1. Colors? Black, maybe green
2. Food? Fast
3. Drinks? Coffee, water, tea, root beer
4. Smells? Cigarettes. Mr. Bubble.
5. Time of day? Nighttime.
6. Season of the year? Summer, maybe
7. Books? The classics.
8. Kinds of literature? She has a copy of Remains of the Day by her bed.
9. Authors? Various
10. Places to visit? She’s made mention of wanting to go somewhere warm with beaches on more than one occasion.
11. Kinds of music? Loud. Punk to oldies.
12. Musical Instruments? She doesn’t play
13. Composers? Hah.
14. Metals? Gold and silver jewelery when she wears it. Stainless steel for work instruments.
15. Building materials? Brick
16. Fabrics? Cotton, denim
17. Pieces of furniture? Her bed.
18. Plants? She tends to kill them
19. Flowers? Dried
20. Trees? Green
21. Birds? Her middle finger
22. Animals? Not fish
23. Miscellaneous? Robin Fellowes
24. Modern Fairytale? *laughs*

Character's Religion

1. What are his specific religious beliefs? Does he belong to a specific sect or creed? Does he advocate that group's beliefs?

She went to Catholic school, got a tattoo ‘during a religious phase’ in college and beyond that she seems to pretty much shun organized religion.

2. How important is religion to him?

Not at all really.

3. Is he pious, devout?


4. In what religious activities does he engage? What percentage of his time is devoted to it?

Does saying “Oh, God” in exasperation count?

5. How does religion motivate his actions or affect them?


Character's Fears

1. What things frighten him?

A lot of things. Failure. Becoming Maggie, the prospect of motherhood, relationships, love

2. Is he motivated by fear?

She can be

3. To what extent is he motivated; never, occasionally, usually, constantly?

Depends on the situation.

4. What would this character think were the three most terrible things that could happen to him?

Getting pregnant (again)
Finding out that she does in fact have bi-polar disorder (she’s now well past the age where one would typically suffer their first episode)
Someone else being in control of her life

5. What would he think were the three most wonderful things that could happen to him?

Being a successful doctor
Falling in love (and having the family she doesn’t want to admit to wanting)
Never worrying about money

6. What is the one thing he doesn't want anyone to find out about him?

She’s keeping that to herself.
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