03 February 2008 @ 04:55 pm
State of the Abby

Me babbling:

I have two thoughts on the way to have a muse journal for prompts and role-playing. Keep it canon and going AU.

I like the ability to keep up with current canon on the show, it means there is always something to explore and expand on (and once back into production there will be new, fresh things to kick around). There is also the fun of having someone who writes another fandom character in character and keeps him canon. [livejournal.com profile] dr_luka_kovac (and mun) have made playing a canon Abby great. If you read both journals you can see the events on the show filtered through two different characters.

Going AU is just fun as a writer and a fan of more than one show. And there’s a new level of challenge there to pick and choose which parts of canon will mesh with someone else’s. It’s also less of a challenge in some ways with Abby because it’s freeing to have her not tied to another character if I go AU (in current canon, for those who do not watch the show, she’d married) and explore the what ifs with the character.

Being in character in either place is something I try hard to do. Keeping Abby’s “voice” as I write here is my main focus, I think. She’s not me and I wouldn’t do or say half the things she does. This means it’s not always easy to write her, but I like that.

The stuff actually useful to other muses/muns:

I’m going to be better at labeling posts for Abby. Canon or AU (and any mun info that may be helpful). I all ready do this somewhat with tags, but I think it’s easier to make it more clear in the post title? Maybe? What do you prefer? It’s all straight in my head, I just want it to be easier for readers/other muses.


—Abby’s on a bit of a hold here until after the writer’s strike but she’s gone through rehab and is on her way to Croatia (hope she’s not getting airsick on the world’s longest transatlantic flight) to reunite with her husband and son. Anything in this timeline will have CANON in the title and possibly a signifier as to when in canon (past or present) since I do hop around in her history to answer prompts/RP scenes.

—I’ve taken Abby from season 11 of ER for an AU timeline. It was an interesting and transitional year for her on the show for a lot of reasons so I thought it would be a good place to jump off the canon boat. Abby’s contemplating a change of scenery to complete her residency somewhere other than Chicago. Let’s face it, since being at County an awful lot of terrible things have happened to her (and her coworkers). She’d like to work some place maybe a little safer. Anything in this timeline will have AU in the timeline.

And this is the part I’ve been thinking a lot about: A couple of muses Abby talks to are decidedly in her AU timeline. The rest of you it’s been kinda whatever worked at the moment. What I’d like to know (to make things easier for me) is if you or your muse has a preference. Would you/they rather interact with AU Abby (intern, single, transitional place in life, recovering alcoholic) Or Canon Abby (4th year resident, married, mother, fresh out of rehab). Or if you don’t really care, that’s good to know too.

I’ll shut up now.
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